Your Faithful Adventurous Story Time Awaits…

Journey to the Land of Creation where Princess Puddle awaits to take you and your little ones on an adventure of a lifetime! From the mind of the emerging author, Devon Allen comes a fully illustrated trilogy beautifully designed to capture the hearts of everyone. With a story themed around a family bond, exhilarating flying action sequences, everlasting friendships and undeniable faith through it all…The Journey of Puddle is sure to keep your little ones engaged to the very last page!


Book 1: The Little One

Puddle’s extraordinary journey begins in her small home of Duckville near the edge of the Land of Creation. Puddle lives an ordinary life where her parents, King Rupert and Queen Sarafine, guide Puddle during her younger years. Her curious nature ignites a series of events that will lead to the discovery of her special gift of flight, a plot by Virus to take over the kingdom, and open up a world where her story is bound to everyone around her.

How will Puddle’s faith guide her through her discovery?

What will Puddle do with her newfound gift?


Book 2: A New Friend

Puddle’s gift earns her a leadership role of caring for younger ducklings during migration season. After winning an exhilarating and heart-stopping flying race among her fellow birds, she can now fly alongside with her father King Rupert as Leader of the V. During migration, her bravery will be tested by a terrible thunderstorm. While protecting the younger ducklings from the storm, Puddle is swept away separating her from her family. Unable to fly, Puddle luckily meets a new friend named Squish Munk. He’s a chipmunk that wishes he could fly! Together they embark on a journey and create a friendship that will last forever.

Where will Puddle and Squish Munk end up?

What will they learn about their faith?

Will Puddle ever make it back home?


Book 3: The Journey Begins

Puddle’s journey takes her to the Great Tree in the Land of Creation where she reunites with her parents. The stage is set for the King of the Birds race where King Rupert will defend his crown. Virus and the Blackhawks begin their plot to take over the kingdom. In the middle of it all, Puddle will play an important part in this exciting conclusion and change the course of the Land of Creation forever.

“There is hope if you believe and have faith.”