what age group is the journey of puddle for?

The Journey of Puddle is perfect for faithful young readers transitioning from Picture Books to Chapter Books or children already reading Chapter Books. Families will also love reading to their younger children as they follow Puddle’s journey and are amazed by the beautiful illustrations. To help families, each chapter in the trilogy focuses on a different Biblical truths with guided discussions for parents in the back of each book that helps families reflect on each chapter.

Who is Puddle Publishing?

Puddle Publishing is a collective group of artists and writers that are believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our mission is to bring faithfully imagined stories that inspire the children you love.

Can you purchase the trilogy in bulk?

Yes. Please use the contact form located HERE and specific your needs. A customer service rep will contact you shortly.

Where else can I purchase books?

The Journey of Puddle is only offered on our website for sale. This allows us to provide you a better customer experience rather than dealing with a third party.

HOW LONG is each book?

Each book is approximately 8000 words and 78 pages long. Between all 3 books, there are 12 chapters. Each chapter is easily read by a young child transitioning to chapter books or parents reading to their little one before bedtime.

have more questions?

Please use our contact form HERE and a customer service rep will gladly answer them for you.