The Amazing journey of Puddle begins!

After 15 incredible years, The Journey of Puddle flies into your family's home and with the trilogy finally released, now it's time to meet Puddle and her family!

To help you to get to know about the characters we love and to prepare your family for this amazing adventure, we've complied a list of the Puddle's friends and their amazing gifts. 


Princess Puddle was born to King Rupert and Queen Sarafine of Duckville. She has a heart of a true leader and has a strong devotion to her family, friends and the Creator. She holds her father in high esteem and looks to him for words of inspiration. From her mother, she has learned the value of keeping her promises and strongly dislikes when she disappoints her loved ones. Reluctant in the beginning of her journey, Puddle will soon discover her gift and fulfill her true calling. 


King Rupert, father of Princess Puddle, a popular ruler among the village of Duckville and also sits on the throne as the King of the Birds. A bird of honor and truth that shows his everlasting love to his family and the Creator. Devoted to show his loyalty to all the kingdom of the birds, King Rupert rules the land with patience and kindness to all. Chosen by the Creator, King Rupert earned his title as King of the Birds demonstrating his amazing flying skills during the King of the Birds race. 


Queen Sarafine comes from a strong family line of explorers that were the first settlers of Duckville. Her calm and composed demeanor is well respected throughout the Kingdom. When her leadership is needed, her voice is respected and heard. Queen Sarafine is a loving mother to Puddle and gives her heart to ensure Puddle's needs are met. Her dedication to the natural balance of the kingdom is bonded through her love for the Creator. 


Squish Munk is a chipmunk that longs to fly like the birds of the sky.  He possess an impeccable skill of engineering accompanied with a massive heart of helping those in need. Puddle and Squish Munk become best friends through her epic journey in which Squish Munk becomes instrumental in Puddle's time of need. His quick wit, loving heart to the Creator, loyalty and can-do attitude is a perfect match for Puddle's amazing adventure. 


Virus is the power-hungry leader of the Black Hawks that live in the Dark Forest in the Land of Creation. His thirst for the throne of the King of the Birds grows impatient and will stop at nothing to be crowned the next king. Together with the Black Hawks, Virus plots secretly in the Dark Forest his plans to remove King Rupert from the throne. Although Virus knows of the Creator, he refuses to follow the will of the Creator's natural order.    


Sly is the town beloved hero (as he self proclaims) that is shown to be self-centered, snooty and is not liked very much. As a flying squirrel, he mocks Squish Munk's aspirations to fly and douses his dreams at every opportunity he can get. Although his personality traits aren't the best in the forest, his athletic abilities speak for themselves. As the champion of the Flying Obstacle Forest Race, he attributes all of his success to himself and his self only.  


Bev the Beaver and Rachel the Raccoon are an inseparable pair of friends that have been together for a long time. Bev the Beaver is fun-loving and happy with an incredibly creative mind. Rachel the Raccoon on the other hand can be loud and can come off as aggressive, but has the largest heart of loyalty to her friend Bev the Beaver. Although opposites in personalities, they fit together like peas and carrots.   


Elderon is the wise turtle that has been in the Land of Creation for many ages. He is a firm believer in the Creator and the natural order He creates for all living beings in the Land of Creation. As an elder of the land walkers in the Land of Creation, his leadership has demonstrated a firm respect for the laws and traditions set forth in the scrolls of ancient times. If you give Elderon time to speak, he will gladly tell you the stories of the past. 


Goodwind, the leader of the Night Keepers and adviser to the King of the Birds as a Bird Counsel, has a deep wisdom of all creation that is derived from his patience and good will. His incredible insight to see other's potential and the wisdom to direct them in a way to help them develop it will be vital to Puddle's path of discovering her true calling. Loyal to the throne and his heart with the Creator, his leadership is well received from all.