Puddle Publishing is excited to announce it’s first illustrated book series, “Journey of Puddle”. Emerging author, Devon Allen, introduces Puddle. She is the star of the “Journey of Puddle” book series that embarks on a journey through the Land of Creation to find her true calling. Geared for young readers transitioning to chapter books, families with children of all ages will love her adventure and the lessons learned along the way. The book series is packed with some of the most beautiful illustrations from cover to cover ever created for a children’s book. 

Devon Allen, President of Puddle Publishing, is the creative inspiration behind The Journey of Puddle book series. His passion for children's ministry and the love of his own children drove him to create something truly special. After 15 years of creatively telling the story of Puddle to his children, family, and friends, Devon was called to create a company with a specific focus on creating high-quality entertainment for children. With his extensive knowledge in professional education, technology in animation and illustration, Devon went to work creating an amazing story for children of all ages. He surrounded himself with a team of the same heart that not only delivered an inspirational story in The Journey of Puddle but filled with beautiful illustrations from cover to cover.

Devon Allen