Journey of Puddle Trilogy - All 3 Books (Artist Edition)

Journey of Puddle Trilogy - All 3 Books (Artist Edition)

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Deep in the kingdom of the Land of Creation, comes a faithfully imagined story about a duck named Puddle. Her extraordinary journey starts in her small home of Duckville where her parents, King Rupert and Queen Sarafine, guide Puddle in her young age to help her see her inner beauty and design by the all mighty Creator. Being the smallest of all her brothers, Puddle struggles to find her place among the great birds in her family. Her struggles lead her to a moment where Puddle discovers an amazing gift she has and how her story will change the Land of Creation forever.

The Land of Creation is the backdrop of Puddle’s journey, where the kingdom’s hierarchy is decided through a series of exciting races filled with obstacles and terrain. Whoever wins these races, will be the designated leader of their pack or ultimately the King of the Birds. The belief of the birds is that the almighty Creator establishes the order of leadership through His will. A tyrant named Virus, the leader of the Black Hawks, lives in the Dark Forest and is seeking to disrupt the Creator's order and gain control over the kingdom.

Puddle’s amazing journey will take her deep into the Land of Creation further than ever before. After being separated from her family by a terrible thunderstorm during migration season, Puddle will have to use the lessons learned from her family to find her way home. Along the way she meets a friend named Squish Munk, a chipmunk that wishes he could fly, and together they embark on a journey that the two will never forget.

On Puddle’s journey - her faith keeps her strong while tyrants lurk to disrupt the Creator’s order. Where will Puddle’s journey take her? What will she learn along the way? How will her gift change the Land of Creation forever?

Find out in her amazing illustrated trilogy!

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